Faculty Profile: Evelyn Gould

What she teaches: First grade last year. Starts Second Grade this fall.

Years at Prep: Just completed her 2nd year overall (1st at Prep).

Education: Furman University, B.A. (Elementary Education), M.Ed (Early Childhood Education).
Background: Evelyn's parents met each other while working for Coca-Cola. Soon after, Evelyn and her twin brother (Harrison) were born - he also works for Coca-Cola, while Evelyn chose a different path. Harrison is now 6-foot-5 redhead with blue eyes.
"We look nothing alike," Evelyn said.
She grew up in the Atlanta area, attending The Westminster Schools. Upon graduation, Evelyn attended Furman, where she obtained her two degrees. 

How she got into teaching: "My first grade teacher was the best person I ever met in my whole life. I wanted to be exactly like her. My whole entire childhood I just dreamed of doing what she did, because she was just so kind and loving and smart. Then after going to college and getting my first classroom, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do." 

How she found Prep: Evelyn was living in Spartanburg, S.C., as she finished up her first year of teaching and was working on her master's degree at Furman. She visited some friends in Augusta, driving down Flowing Wells Road to Kroger, passing Augusta Prep along the way.
"I knew I wanted to leave up there. I wanted to grow more as a person," she said. "Every time we would go to Kroger and pass by Augusta Prep, my boyfriend would say, 'This is the school where you're going to work.'" So when it came time for me to apply to schools, I figured I would apply to this place I used to pass by.
"Going on the website and taking a tour, I really got to see the values here, the community here. I grew up going to a private school. So I knew that was something I wanted. It just all came together."   

What she enjoys about Prep: "I had a great experience here this past year. The kids, the families, the administration are just so supportive. It was really great to come to a school where they believed in my skills.
"I love the kids, of course. I really love the sense of wonder and curiosity they have. That motivates me when I'm planning. How can I get them to have an "in awe" moment where they're just so excited to learn? Literacy is definitely my area of passion. I love using books. I love illustrations."

What excites her about teaching up a grade this fall: "You go through a whole year and you become like a little family and then at the end of year you're just supposed to say goodbye. So the fact I get to come with them from first grade to second grade is really exciting. And I did my student teaching in second grade. So it's a grade I'm really used to."

Hobbies: Pilates ("I go every single day after school. That became my thing this past year. I try to do something to take care of me.), Traveling, Finding new coffee shops ("Hot coffee always!")
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