Student Support

As the Director of Student Support, I am pleased to introduce you to the services that we strive to provide for our students at Augusta Preparatory Day School (APDS). Our department is committed to enhancing the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of students in order to enhance their academic success at APDS. The department provides two essential services that assist in the cultivation of an optimal learning environment. These services include counseling and learning support. Our team consists of dedicated counselors and learning support providers that attend to the needs of students in the lower, middle, and upper school divisions.

The counseling services we provide adhere to a wellness philosophy. This multifaceted and strength-based philosophy emphasizes the notion that individuals have the capacity for growth in order to achieve their fullest potential. APDS counselors attend to developmental needs by viewing the student within their unique holistic context. Therefore, the counseling services we provide carefully consider age appropriate interventions and techniques. Additionally, counselors seek to work collaboratively with parents by offering ongoing consultation, psychoeducation, and related resources. All of the counseling services we provide align with the mission of the department and seek to enhance the overall academic success of students.

Learning Support at Augusta Preparatory Day School consists of a collective relationship between teachers, families, administrators, and learning support providers. This team approach facilitates a thorough identification of student needs in order to address strengths and areas for growth. We provide individualized and small group support while continuously monitoring student progress through varying research-based techniques and strategies. Learning specialists are committed to creating customized, prescriptive learning plans to maximize the potential of each student. Our collective approach provides a responsive atmosphere and emphasizes the shared goal of nurturing self esteem and improving academic success of each student. 
The Department of Student Support is committed to partnering with families, teachers, leadership, and community members in order to provide a foundation on which students confidently thrive during their education journey at Prep and beyond.
Dr. Kara P. Deaner
Director of Student Support/Counselor (LS/MS)
    • Kara Deaner, Ph.D.

      Director of Student Support/Counselor (LS/MS)

    • Chris Baxter, Ph.D.

      School Counselor, Grades 7-12

    • Samuel Gruber, M.A.T.

      Academic Services Coordinator (Middle and Upper Schools)

    • Christi Yeager

      Lower School Learning Support Specialist, Dyslexia Certified

Augusta Preparatory Day School is an independent, college preparatory school serving children ages 2 through Grade 12 from the greater Augusta-Aiken area. Augusta Prep seeks to enroll a group of diverse students. We follow an open admission policy, whereby qualified candidates are admitted without regard to religion, race, nationality, economic background, or ethnic origin.