Middle & Upper School Library

Middle & Upper School Databases

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The databases listed are suggested places to begin your research.

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General History English Science Math Foreign Lang The Arts

* Encyc Brit
* Explora
* SIRS/Proquest
* Novelist+
* E Book Central
* Book Collection

*Hist Ref Ctr
*AP Source
*Encyc Brit
*Annals of Am His

*Lit Ref Ctr
*AP Source
*Novelist k-8

*Encyc Brit
*Nat'l Sci Dig Lib
*Science & tech
*Ap Source

*Encyc Brit
*Nat'l Sci Dig Lib

*Ency Moderna
*Escolar Online
*Fuente Acad. Fr
*Encyclopaedia Universalis (&Jr.)

*Arts of the US
*Encyc Brit

*Stu Rsc in Cntxt
DK Press Series
UXL Online

*Hist Rsc Cntxt
*Enc World Biog

*LitCrit Online
*Gale Lit Sources
*APS Artemis

*Sci Rsc in Cntxt
*UXL Online
*DK Book Series

*Stu Rsc in Cntxt (Khan Academy)

*Eyewitness Travel

*Arts & Hum/Eras
*Ency Pop Culture
*Ency of Film

*Current Events
Great Lives
Great Events

*Great Events
*Great Lives

Critical Insights:
*YA Literature

*Great Lives
*Great Events

*Great Lives
*Great Events

*Great Lives
*Great Events


*Stu or Advanced
*Early Peoples


*Inv's & Disc's
*Living Green

*Stu or Advanced

Sp *Enciclopedia
*Hisp. Saber
Fr *L'Encycl.

*Dramatic Learning
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