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Everyone has a creative side to their minds, and at Augusta Prep we encourage students to tap into their creativity! Starting in Lower School, we offer fine arts and music. Middle and Upper School starts are involved in our Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs as well as our music program.

Art in the Lower School is outstanding! Hands-on, process-driven, and full of creativity, art is the highlight of many students’ Lower School experience. The art program emphasizes the development of artistic skills, knowledge, and creativity in a variety of media and techniques including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. The elements of art and principles of design, including line, shape, color, form, texture, repetition, variety, and unity, are taught. Lower School art classes occur weekly beginning in kindergarten and are incorporated daily in the preschool and prekindergarten classrooms. Multi-faceted projects are designed to demonstrate artistic processes and mastery in both two and three-dimensional form. Art history, different genres and artists, and interdisciplinary, culturally themed units round out the art curriculum.

The Lower School music program balances performance opportunities with instruction in the foundations of music theory and skills. Music is taught twice a week beginning in kindergarten and is incorporated daily into the preschool and prekindergarten classrooms. Understanding of the history of music, music terminology, love of singing, and exposure to various music genres are all part of our complete music curriculum. Classes include instruction in proper vocal technique, musicianship skills, and the cultural and historical context of choral music. Students learn to read and perform from printed music. In addition to choral singing, students learn to play a variety of simple instruments. Through singing games, direct instruction, and experience with pitched and unpitched percussion instruments and recorders, students develop an understanding of fundamental musical concepts such as rhythm and pitch. Finally, the joy of sharing and performing is experienced through seasonal programs and the two large performances of the year, Grandparents’ Day and World Fair.

While music continues in Middle School, students can begin taking Art I and Art II classes in seventh and eighth grade. Also in Middle School, students can start joining in our Performing Arts program. Our top-notch theatre program boasts high student participation, offering classes in theatre, advanced theatre, musical theatre, and theater tech. Performances are held in Augusta Prep's beautiful 350-seat Hull Fine Arts Center.

The fall season in Augusta Prep's Upper School includes a dramatic play along with a play presented by the advanced theatre class and/or the musical theatre class.

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