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    • 2 Year Old


      Cavalier Cove

Welcome to the Cavalier Cove.

NOTE: Our 2-Year-Old Program is fully committed with a wait pool for 2024-25. We welcome you to inquire and we will notify you when our application opens for the next year’s preschool class on October 1 

We are so excited to be a part of your child’s first experience as a Cavalier.  In The Cove, we are “all hands on deck” to prepare your child to set sail on their Cavalier Voyage.  Our mission in the two-year-old program is to provide a loving, nurturing and safe learning environment for our youngest Cavaliers. We understand each child is unique and special; therefore, our instructors encourage and support individuality, creativity, interactive play, and hands-on learning. At Augusta Prep, our talented teachers help children to develop the skills they need to become successful learners in preschool and beyond.
Research shows that a low teacher to student ratio is critical for creating effective learning environments. Cavalier Cove offers a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, which is significantly lower than the state recommended ratio of 10:1, and allows us to provide the highest quality instruction and learning experience. Teachers utilize our beautiful outdoor spaces for exploration and play, encouraging students to discover and create through hands-on investigation. 
Character is emphasized throughout the Lower School with a focus on four pillars of character development: kindness, respect, honesty, and responsibility. In Cavalier Cove, we aim to develop the whole child, encouraging both academic and interpersonal growth. Therefore, character traits are incorporated throughout the day as children learn to interact with their classmates in a positive way. Our teachers gently guide students to resolve conflicts and model problem-solving skills while encouraging empathy and respect. 

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  • Cavalier Cove Schedule:

    7:50-8:30: Bathroom time

    8:30-9:00: Good morning/songs and dance/get moving

    9:00-9:30: Snack time/carpet time

    9:30-9:45: Table time 

    9:45-10:15: Playground

    10:15-10:30: Bathroom break

    10:30-11:00: Center time/busy brains

    11:00-11:15 Potty break

    11:15-11:45 Lunch

    11:45-12:00 Storytime/Potty Break

    12:00- 12:30 Playground

    12:30 - 12:45 Bathroom  break

    1:00 Half Day Dismissal

    12:45-2:15 Nap time

    2:15-2:30 Bathroom break

    2:30-2:45 End of the day review and pack up

    2:45 Transition to Extended Care
  • What to bring:

    Our two-year-olds are given a personalized tote bag upon enrolling in our program. This tote bag will be used throughout their preschool years and into kindergarten. 

    A supply of pull-ups and wipes should be brought from home and will be stored for only your child’s use. Bedding for rest time should also be brought from home. (Cots are provided by the school.)

    Healthy snacks are provided twice daily. Lunch can be brought from home or ordered for your child through the school website.

     If your child has any dietary restrictions, please let us know.  We will be happy to accommodate accordingly. 

Hours of Operation:

Half Day: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
Full Day:  8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

*Students in the toddler two program may be dropped off as early as 7:20 a.m. for early morning childcare.
Augusta Preparatory Day School is an independent, college preparatory school serving children ages 2 through Grade 12 from the greater Augusta-Aiken area. Augusta Prep seeks to enroll a group of diverse students. We follow an open admission policy, whereby qualified candidates are admitted without regard to religion, race, nationality, economic background, or ethnic origin.