Faculty Profile: Pam Light

What she teaches:  Upper/Middle School Spanish Teacher. Recently elected Vice President of FLAIR (Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport). Recognized as a Georgia Independent Schools Association "Master Teacher" during the 2021-2022 school year.

Years at Prep: Just completed her 8th year at Prep, 22nd overall

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Spanish/K-12 Education, Winthrop University. Master's degree, Lander University.
Background: Light, who is married to Stephanie and has two children, Micah (5th grader this fall at Prep) and Annabelle (4th grader this fall at Prep), spent 10 years of her childhood in Peru, where she learned to speak Spanish. At a young age, she said she knew her future calling, especially as she read to her younger sister and made worksheets for her.
“I always wanted to be a teacher,” Light said. “My mom was a teacher and I wanted to teach, too. It just seemed natural to teach Spanish since I spoke Spanish.”
Upon graduation from Winthrop, Light embarked upon her teaching career in Spanish.

How she found Prep: After getting married and moving to Richmond County, Light taught at Strom Thurmond (three years) and Evans High School (1 year). When Annabelle was born, Light stayed at home with the children. Then, she learned Augusta Prep had an opening for a Middle School Spanish teacher.
"I really love teaching Middle School," Light said. "I like the age of the kids. They're old enough to do things, and they're still young enough that they're excited enough to do things. It's just a neat age. They're starting to come into their own interests and ready to take off."

What she enjoys about Prep: "I like the freedom to create my own curriculum. When I learn something new at a conference, I know I'll be able to try it and use it. 
"I like the room for kids to just be kids. In Middle School, we still get to do Valentine's bags and participate in the fall festival and carnival. Things like that. When I taught in public school, we weren't able to do a lot of those things, because there wasn't time with all the standardized testing. At Prep, we're able to look at the whole child. We have the freedom to do that.
"And I also like the class sizes and the support from parents."

Hobbies: Reading, camping, traveling
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