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Welcome to Augusta Prep College Counseling!

Our mission is to help students and their parents navigate the college decision-making process and researching viable educational choices, ultimately finding the best match between a student's talents and interests and those colleges and programs which will offer appropriate intellectual and personal challenges.

Selecting a college that suits one's academic, professional and personal needs is an important decision. It requires conscientious research, critical thought, and considerable planning, involving both students and parents. There is no "best" college for any individual; there are many options. The College Counseling Office at Augusta Prep gives personal attention to each student navigating this exciting process.

We will:
  • Encourage students and their families to consider a variety of college and post-secondary options in search of the best fit.
  • Consistently distribute pertinent and useful information about all aspects of the college search and selection process.
  • Use technology effectively to enhance and streamline as many aspects of the process as possible.
  • Work to diminish the impact of misinformation from well-meaning but non-expert sources (family, friends, colleagues, websites) by providing easy access to resources and timely answers to questions from trustworthy sources.
  • Provide support to students and parents to reduce the stress and anxiety that inevitably come with this important decision-making process.
  • Support families throughout the processes of searching and applying for financial aid from federal, state, and private sources.
  • Coordinate and administer Prep’s PLAN, PSAT, Advanced Placement and special needs college testing programs.
  • Provide information on appropriate test preparation .
  • Provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students, parents, as well as guests from colleges, universities, important programs and other schools throughout the year.

We are partners with the school’s faculty, and we care deeply about students finding balance in their experiences both during the college search and selection process and beyond their years at Prep. We strive for excellence and consistency in all of our work and hold students to high standards in all of our interactions with them. It is our hope that all students will emerge from this process with a clear sense of purpose and empowered to manage the challenges of their college years with confidence in their abilities and the wherewithal to make good decisions independently.

We maintain close contact with college admissions offices around the country. By working with admissions offices, maintaining membership and service in professional organizations, attending national and regional conferences, and touring college campuses, we have developed both a working knowledge of colleges and an understanding of the specific issues involved in the admissions processes of different institutions.

You will find a variety of useful information and resources about the college admissions process for students and parents on our web pages and in our offices. We hope that you will use our web pages often. Please know that we are always available in the College Counseling Office to assist you and answer your questions. We encourage you to call, stop by, or e-mail us any time.
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Director of College Counseling

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