Augusta Prep Again Receives Region's Top Niche Private School Ranking and is No. 10 Statewide

Augusta Prep has once again received the highest ranking for a private K-12 school for this region and is in the Top 10 of the best private schools in the state of Georgia, according to the recently released 2017 Niche rankings.
For private schools that offer a kindergarten through 12th grade education, Augusta Prep ranked number 10 in the most recent state listing, which was released on Monday and can be seen online at  The Niche rankings evaluated 3,253 private schools nationwide based on key student statistics and thousands of opinions from students and parents.  The next closest ranking for a private/independent school in the CSRA was 36th.  Of the private/independent schools that rank higher than Augusta Prep in Georgia, eight are in Atlanta and one is in Savannah.
 “A high ranking indicates that the school is an exceptional academic institution with a diverse set of high-achieving students who rate their experience very highly,” according to Niche, which was founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students as an education research/review service.  “Ranking factors include SAT/ACT scores, the quality of colleges that students consider, student-teacher ratio, private school ratings, and more.”
One recent review that Augusta Prep received as part of the Niche ranking stated that “You are on a college track from day one at this school and they truly offer some college level instruction. They start your freshman year with preparing for the application process, so by the time you are a senior you are ready for early decision.”
In Niche’s public school system rankings for this year, the Columbia County Public School System ranks 17 in the public schools state category.  Meanwhile, the Richmond County School System ranks 134 in Georgia’s public schools.
Augusta Prep Head of School Peter Huestis said Prep’s latest ranking with Niche validates the great work that is taking place there daily.
"The high ranking that Augusta Prep has received from Niche is an honor and a testament to the quality of our faculty, the challenging yet supportive academic environment, the endless opportunities to discover and develop passions, and our focus on preparing students to be leaders in and out of the classroom,” he said.  “It is important that we celebrate our inclusion in this selective group of high-ranking independent schools, all of which have tuition costing thousands more than Prep, while adopting a growth mindset to ensure that we are stronger tomorrow than we are today."

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