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Augusta Prep has entered the worldwide market of apps!  Recently, we launched a school app for Augusta Prep on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.   We hope you’ll not only download our free app to your smartphone or tablet but also accept the “push notification” request that you’ll be asked about when you load the app on your iPhone or iPad.  On an Android phone, you'll automatically agree to the notification by accepting the app.
This “push notification” option is important to accept because this is one more way in which we’ll be able to send out emergency/weather cancellation notices to our Prep Family.  We promise to use this only in cases of emergency messages, which through the app would send to your phone or tablet and display on your screen and cause your device to either vibrate or ring a tone based on your notification settings. 

As you’ll see, our app includes a welcome page with information about our school, an interactive map function, a calendar of events, a “Contact Us” page,  a "Pic Upload" button that allows you to easily send us Prep photos that you have taken, and several other items in the “more” section – to include Prep news, an inquiry form, video, web links, social media, and access to our online photo gallery and school application form.  Be mindful that we will occasionally have updates.  Most updates should reflect automatically on your phone when they occur.   However, when accessing our calendar and social media buttons through the app, it’s a good practice to do the following step to ensure you have the latest updates there:  using your index finger, touch the screen when in the calendar or social media app pages, then pull down on the screen without releasing your finger and after quickly doing so you can release and that will cause an instant refresh of the displayed page within the app.
This app is an additional communication tool beyond that of the mobile-friendly view that our website currently loads onto your phone when you access  That mobile-friendly version of our website isn’t an app and doesn’t reside on the global marketplaces – it simply detects you are viewing our website on a mobile device and it adjusts our website for easier viewing.  Our new app, however, is designed to provide even quicker access to key Prep information all while giving us a presence we have never had before on the global app marketplaces and providing us a new ability to send emergency notifications to our app users’ phones. 

As for the emergency notification, if you have an iPhone you will first receive a headline message on your phone’s home screen.  If your home screen is locked, you’ll want to immediately swipe on that headline message from left to right  and then unlock your phone, thereby allowing the full notification message to pull up within our app for full viewing.  A second option on iPhones for viewing a push notification after it comes through is to go to your phone’s “Notification Center.”   This “center” can be easily accessed by swiping down from the top view screen of your iPhone.  On Android phones, the notification header can simply be clicked on to take you into the full message inside the app.  
So, how do you download our app to your phone?
First, you’ll need a smartphone.  From there, to download the app you’ll go either to the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store, depending on the type of smartphone you have.  Once in the marketplace, you’ll click on the search bar function and type in “Augusta Prep”   That will then display our app.  You’ll want to click on the “install” button for our app.  You’ll then be prompted to enter your personal app marketplace password to allow the free download to start.  After entering your app store log-in credentials, the app will begin downloading and will save an “AP” thumbnail icon on your phone for easy access going forward.  When you first access the app on an iPhone, you’ll be asked if you would like to accept “push notifications.”  Please do so as this will allow us to alert you of school emergencies/weather announcements via your phone. On an Android phone, you will automatically accept notifications by agreeing to the app's download.
To the right are some photos showing how the app displays on the Apple App Store and how it looks on an iPhone.  As always, should you have any questions about this or need assistance in setting the app up on your phone, please let Augusta Prep Communications Director Preston Sparks know.